Life Coaching is…….


The first step of a fantastic, life changing journey that will see you making changes, not just in your life but also in your mind.  It is the perfect accompaniment for those women who wish to take control of their lives and start the journey towards becoming the best version of themselves.  Working with a Life Coach, gives you the opportunity to identify what has been holding you back, whether that be limiting self belief, internal fear, external discouragement, and piece together strategies that will help you overcome them.  It is much easier to achieve when you have someone standing in your corner offering you support, encouragement, and belief. 


Through your Life Coaching journey you will get a better understanding of who you truly are, replace negative thoughts with positive ones and banish self talk that does not lift you up.  You will need to be committed to your journey, even when the going gets tough, as some sessions may be, at times, emotional and exhausting.  It can be hard to talk about your life, the things you have experienced that have had a detrimental effect on you as a person, your life, and your long-term goals.  


You are never alone on your journey when you have a Life Coach walking the same path with you. 


However, taking the first step and contacting a Life Coach can be daunting and a lot of women decide not to; don’t be that woman.  .  If you are still unsure as to whether or not Life Coaching is for you, check out the questions below, and see how many ‘yes’ answers you have:


  • Is there an aspect of your life – home, work, love – that seems to be missing something? 

  • Do you struggle with low self confidence and/or low self esteem?

  • Are you lacking motivation, direction, inspiration, drive?

  • Do you find yourself talking negatively to yourself?
  • Have you lost part or all of your identity because of marriage, motherhood, family or friends?

  • Do you find yourself wondering what your purpose in life is?

  • Is there something, or someone, holding you back from fulfilling your dreams?

  • Do you have a particular goal that you would like to achieve?


If you answered “yes” to 50% of the questions, then what are you waiting for?  You definitely fall into the category of women who would benefit immensely from Life Coaching.