One of things that I wanted to offer my personal development clients was the opportunity to purchase my self study courses and my first (mini) one has gone live.  I am so excited and really pleased with myself at the hard work, dedication and care that has gone into this course.

I am a true believer that to make significant changes in your life you need to know yourself and this course helps you Reveal The True You, and gets you to dig deep and take a very close look at yourself.  It’s amazing what we suddenly remember.

This 72 page self study mini course will help you take back control of your life and start you on a path to changing your yourself and you life for the better.

The course consists of 10 Modules that focus on:

  • the roles you play in your life
  • reflecting on your past
  • the dreams you had and still have
  • your attributes
  • the things you would like to change
  • what you see as self-care
  • the people in your life
  • answering some deep questions
  • your perfect day
  • and putting all the information you have gathered together

This course is available via my Etsy store, so click here to invest in yourself!